Rigging Wolf Herring for Spanish mackerel

December 4, 2018 12:28 am Categorised in:

It is amazing the stuff you can learn by watching IFISH with Paul Worsteling. Here Paul teams up with Tackle World Tully owner Roly Newton for a spot of Spanish Mackerel fishing in the Hinchinbrook passage, north Queensland.
Spanish Mackerel will NEVER pass up an opportunity to chew on a wolf herring. It is perhaps their favourite food. Roly shows how to rig one one for trolling, and Paul puts it to the test and is rewarded – BIG TIME!
For more information about mackerel fishing and the Hinchinbrook area, please contact Tackle World Tully, and don’t miss out on what is biting and how to catch them on IFISH. Follow them both on Facebook!

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