IFish Pro Tip – Sailfish Set Up

February 11, 2019 7:30 am Categorised in:

“Light Tackle” game fishing provides thrilling challenges for the adventurous angler, and is readily attainable.
Paul Worsteling quickly runs through his set-up for sailfish trolling. This will give you a kick start for assembling your gear, and always remember that you can call in to your local Tackle World store to get some expert advice and all the gear.
Simple List for Paul’s set up:
Trolling skirt with a fresh garfish
80lb mono leader
Quality snap swivel
Lumo ‘Idiot’ bead
80lb ‘wind on’ leader
30lb platted double line
30 metres of 30lb mono
FG knot connection to 300 metres of your choice of braid.
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